I first worked in the print indusrty more than 20 years ago, briefly running an ABDick 360 Offset Press at a small shop in downtown Tucson and quickly realizing that, although green ink did gum up the rollers faster than any other color, it was the most fun to mix -- barefoot when possible (as it mostly was at this shop).

More recently, while working several (carefully shod) years for the technology group of the investment division of a large European bank, I discovered the relative joys of digital printing, having two large Fieries on which to run all color print jobs for the more strictly banking jobs, as well as those i did for the events and marketing department.

I still prefer offset to digital, but, after several years of Fiery use, I certainly understand the joys they have to offer the graphic designer as well.

Part of a design for a roadshow at the investment bank I worked at for more than six years. The graphic was designed in Illustrator, enhanced in Photoshop and ported into PowerPoint for showing on the road; the 'books' of the presentation were printed on a production grade Xerox DocuColor.